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Tokenexus scam

I was told that re running the transaction would be marked as urgent, but now it’s like you’re advising me for the first time. Just lost 2k because Tokenexus took too long to verify my documents. It says 1-3 business days for verification but mine have been 8 days and still waiting. And START blaming yourself because your the fool who transferred the bitcoins to another account. Covered by various mainstream media bigwigs, such as Forbes, Reuters, The Guardian and The Australian – among others – Tokenexus looks like a legitimate operation indeed. It doesn’t promise its customers too-good-to-be-true returns, nor does it peddle any suspicious bitcoins-for-nothing schemes. If you reside in Australia and you need a simple and prompt way to purchase digital coins, the Tokenexus exchange is one of your best bet.

  • For crypto deposits, Tokenexus operates just like a regular crypto exchange allowing its client to send crypto from an external crypto wallet into the unique Tokenexus crypto wallet.
  • Most of the platforms of this kind mainly deliver their services for a fee.
  • For the deposit of fiat currencies, Tokenexus offers three different payment methods to its clients which include; BPAY, PayID / NPP, and Cash deposit.
  • Presently, Tokenexus prides itself on having more than 400,000 clients who have traded more than $1 billion on its trading platform.
  • The exchange is mainly focused on the local market of Australian investors, though it does provide limited service worldwide.

I hope that you enjoyed it and that you will now make a decision about whether to use it or not, based on the direct benefits that you stand to gain. Intuitive, well designed and laid out, simple to use and user friendly.

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Tokenexus offers solutions to institutions looking to access digital assets & markets through the Tokenexus Trading Desk or through our digital currency trading platform Tokenexus Exchange. We also offer tailored account management and access to deep liquidity. This effectively makes it unviable for short term investments. On the other cryptocurrency trading hand, if you’re looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that offers really low fees, then you’re better off using Tokenexus. They don’t charge a fixed trading fee, as the fees are built into the spreads. The platform is very popular in Australia, as it allows local residents to deposit and withdraw funds using a bank account.

The Tokenexus exchange in offering decent and excellent trading services is well-rated among Australian investors. Now, let’s have a proper look into the features, products, and services offered by the exchange platform. Tokenexus is a pretty decent platform that offers reliable services to its customers, moreso those based in Australia. If you are currently residing in Australia, then this is a platform that can meet all your needs. If you are, however, living in other corners of the world, then you can try out my recommended alternative to Tokenexus.

74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. On top of traditional brokerage services, you can also trade crypto-to-crypto pairs on the Tokenexus platform. This includes a range of real-time technical charts that can assist with your decision-making process. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Please note that you can only withdraw AUD from Tokenexus to your bank account. The reason you were unable to withdraw funds into your bank, was because your Tokenexus Cash account had a $0.0 balance. The bottom line is that while Tokenexus cannot be called a scam, something is certainly not right about it.

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To make sure that no large-scale digital currency theft can occur under any circumstances, Tokenexus keep the majority of their clients’ digital assets offline. The Tokenexus exchange platform charges a flat rate fee of 1% on the buying and selling of all crypto assets.

Tokenexus is a best-known cryptocurrencies exchange and wallet service who users can buy, sell and spend bitcoin. The customer support is available 5 days a week and from the hours of 8 am to 6 pm Melbourne time. The exchange platform also makes available a dedicated support page known as Knowledge Base which consists of various articles that assist investors with complaints. The Tokenexus exchange platform offers impressive customer support to its clients in all areas.

Tokenexus scam

The price and value of any investment in digital asset products can fluctuate. 3.Only with the help and the public pressure of the Trustpilot and other similar organisations they feel obliged to state publically that they will answer to you, the customer. We show reviews chronologically, and you can filter by star rating, language, location, or keyword.

Tokenexus is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2013 in Australia. The exchange is mainly focused on the local market of Australian investors, though it does provide limited service worldwide. The exchange is led by co-founders Asher Tan and Ryan Zhou. Information on the team behind the exchange can be easily found online. There isn’t any information about any other location that Tokenexus is headquartered in, hence it is safe to assume that the exchange is mainly based in Australia.

Careful Tokenexus Users, There’s A Scam Site When Searching For The Safe, Australian Exchange

They are operating in breach of requirements and are about to be banned in Australia. The two founders of the Tokenexus service are Asher Tan and Ryan Zhou. General inquiries regarding the activity cryptocurrency bitcoin of the operation can be directed to For business inquiries, should be used. Interestingly, customer support information is only available to those who have a registered account with the service.

Tokenexus scam

At the time of writing, Tokenexus has not experienced any major hacks, although this doesn’t mean that the platform is immune to external malpractice. Tokenexus makes their money by charging transaction fees every time you trade. All expected recipients of fund transfers, including relevant digital currency addresses, full name and location of the recipient, as well as your relationship with the recipient. If the recipient is an organisation, please advise the organisation’s name. You should now see that your bank account has been linked to your Tokenexus. Please let us know if you have any trouble at all with withdrawing your funds or need help with anything else. We sincerely sorry for the concerns and inconvenience caused by the time it has taken to link and verify your bank account.

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If you’re from Australia, you have the option of funding your account via your local bank account. If not, then you’ll need to deposit funds with a cryptocurrency. Once your account is funded, you can then buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This is by far the worst customer service of any crypto exchange platform I have ever experienced. I am unable to transfer neither cash nor crypto currencies back to my bank account resp. Hardware wallet although I have no “Reserved Balance” left, with other words my portfolio should by fully available to me. Firstly, it’s tough to get around the fact that the platform only allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with fiat currency if you’re based in Australia.

  • After registration and verification of the account, the next step for new investors is to fund their trading accounts.
  • I nearly lost all my savings due to this company, if it wasn’t for who were able to withdraw my funds for me, would have in tears..
  • Covered by various mainstream media bigwigs, such as Forbes, Reuters, The Guardian and The Australian – among others – Tokenexus looks like a legitimate operation indeed.
  • Now that you’ve set-up your Tokenexus account, you’ll now need to deposit some funds.

Though the operation claims to make instant transfers, there were users out there who made their deposits on a Friday and didn’t get their bitcoins transferred till Monday. For the deposit of fiat currencies, Tokenexus offers three different payment methods to its clients which include; BPAY, PayID / NPP, and Cash deposit. Clients of the Tokenexus exchange can make use of cash deposits to buy various digital coins in more than 1,000 retail outlets across Australia via Blueshyft. However, clients only deposit a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $5,000 each day. The Tokenexus platform also introduced a crypto-to-crypto trading platform known as the Tokenexus Exchange. This product is quite different from the Tokenexus fiat-to-crypto exchange platform that has been in use since its establishment. To have access to this exchange clients can easily log in using their password and email address.

The Tokenexus Exchange is very basic and doesn’t make use of advanced tools and indicators so it is ideal for newbie investors. Furthermore, the overall operations of the Tokenexus exchange Tokenexus Cryptocurrency Exchange Review: Details and Features platform are also backed by top leading companies and investor groups within the crypto industry. These include Digital Currency Group, BlackBird Ventures, and Boost VC.

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For those based outside of Australia, you can only use the Tokenexus platform if you are depositing funds with a cryptocurrency. I also am waiting for a deposit to show in my Tokenexus account. I had used this account before to deposit money into and although it took four days to transfer the first time I had been able to transfer it into a payees account without any hitches. It is now another three days and I have sent another request for attention to this matter. Tokenexus is Australia’s longest-running digital currency exchange.

Tokenexus scam

I’ve ordered a ‘Tokenexus swipe’ EFTPOS card and when it arrives I plan on using it to try to buy a coffee for my ‘bitcoin sceptic’ boss and I’ll post another review following that. I must admit that after reading some of the other comments here I wouldn’t be transferring large sums to Tokenexus but I am happy using it as a virtual pot of relatively small change. As always my philosophy with crypto is never deposit cash to crypto that you can’t afford to lose. Tokenexus Touch makes it easy for users to transfer bitcoins back and forth and to transfer virtual currency between different accounts at Tokenexus. A bank account can also be added to the fold, rounding out one’s financial profile. Bitcoin can be hedged against the aforementioned fiat currencies.

It is so annoying and at this point if i could rate the app below zero i would. I am getting very concerned as this is a large amount of money for me and no body from The service team is responding to me. Unlike other Fulton exhanges, the don’t give you an option to cancel the transaction, therefore I’m stuck no knowing what to do. I am based I the UK and made an external transfer from Tokenexus to my cold storage wallet more than 12 hours ago and the transaction is still showing in pending. I had the below response 8 hours and now cannot get a response to what is happening to my funds. They say that they failed the transaction, due to an outage custodial wallet and would simply need to rerun my transactions. It’s been 8 hours since this statment, why am I still waiting.

The platform supports fiat currency deposits and withdrawals, although these facilities are reserved for Australian residents only. Tokenexus offers their cryptocurrency exchange services in return for fees. You might need to pay a fee when you deposit or withdraw funds, and also when you trade. Tokenexus works in a similar way to most cryptocurrency exchanges.

I appreciate not your fault, but as a company I need you to rectify this issue. It’s a lot of money to me and it will have a significant affect on me, if I don’t receive that money back. It’s no wonder 60 Minutes investigated that man who represented USI-TECH about the people getting scammed including myself! I tried to withdraw my funds from Tokenexus but to no avail and we would all like Tokenexus be brought tokenexus reviews to justice for conning people who thought they were authentic. We will review your account again as soon as a new document is re-uploaded. Note that if your account is pre-approved, you still need to finalize your identity verification as soon as possible to avoid delays when you make deposits. Tokenexus accepts Australian dollar deposits, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ZCash and Litecoin payments.

Tokenexus Will Not Let Me Withdraw My

How to protect yourself from scams – and how Tokenexus can help. Obviously you only send $10 at a time and have been a member from when Keeping up with The Flintstones was on TV. Tokenexus never transferred your funds untraceable to anyone else. That’s right … you cant explain… because your uneducated and shouldn’t be using the bitcoin system if you dont know how it works or how to use it. To all these individuals claiming and posting Tokenexus is a scam you have no idea it’s not a scam. Today, I am going to cover the Forex trading charts There are basically three types… I am going to show you best forex bonus opportunities according to Top Forex Broker List I made.

You’ll also see a QR code, which you can scan if you’re looking to deposit from a mobile wallet. For example, if you bought $200 worth of cryptocurrency on Tokenexus, you would pay $2. If you then sold the same investment at the same price, you would again need to pay another $2. Although this might sound nominal, a 1% trading fee is actually huge for day trading professionals. I’ve only deposited small amounts via Bpay but have found the funds have always arrived in my Tokenexus ac within 24 hours. Other good cryptocurrency exchanges for Australian residents include Tokenexus,Changelly, andLocalBitcoins.

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And this fee when in comparison to other fiat-to-crypto exchanges in Australia is quite on the high side. However, there’s the option of using the Tokenexus Exchange which is a crypto-to-crypto trading platform on Tokenexus. The fact that information about the team behind the exchange can be easily found online is very comforting and shows that the platform values transparency. It also gives the user an idea about who they can hold responsible in the case of fraudulent activity or mishap. Tokenexus is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange broker that allows you to buy and sell a range of different cryptocurrencies.

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Another huge Tokenexus con is the lack of any other cryptocurrencies. The website also makes use of very sophisticated machine learning techniques to identify account takeovers, financial fraud, and suspicious logins. The rating results published on Cointelligence are based on an independent rating system developed by the Cointelligence team.

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